Thinking Outside the Box

Are you a teacher, program mentor, student, or Maker who wants to talk/learn about new approaches to teaching STEM concepts, computational thinking, 21st Century Skills, and systems thinking through…craft?!

Currently, there exists an urgent need to integrate computer science and computational thinking in the classroom or after school setting.
Recently, however, the DIY/Maker movement has become a force in creating new learning spaces to foster innovation and creativity, especially in STEM fields. This research positions itself within this movement and uses computational craft to as a medium. Computational craft weaves traditional crafting techniques with smart materials that blur the boundaries between craft and computation, low and high technology, and art and computer science. Through this medium, I hope to target populations who are generally marginalized by traditional, screen-based pedagogical approaches to learning computational competencies.

So channel your inner Maker, artist, crafter, programmer, scientist, problem-solver, etc., side and come examine how craft can serve as a new point of entry for students to learn these skills, concepts, and attitudes. We will explore, design, prototype, test, and discuss interactive systems using paper, various conductive materials (fabric, tape, etc.), LEDs, speakers, and other tools that can be used in classroom, in after school, or at home.

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Computational Craft Workshop: BOXES
March 30, 2012